Tuesday, March 1, 2011

50 Sketchbook Pages in 30 Days Challenge

This will be the first challenge here, with hopefully more to come.

The rules are simple; do 50 pages in your sketchbook. The challenge starts today, March 1st, and runs to the end of April 1st.

You don't have to do a sketch a day, do them whenever you like, as long as 50 pages are filled in a month. We all work in different ways; a nice steady pace, or an insane 50 page bonanza in one day!

Draw whatever you want, it's your sketchbook! Use whatever materials you want; pencil, ink, watercolor, blood, etc. Basically, just keep doing what you do.

Number your sketchbook pages in a corner (or wherever) and scan them in to share here as you go along.

I'll post more info as (hopefully) more people want to join in.

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