Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finishline! 15+1 Veronika Marosy

Well, the last day of May has come.. I'm proud to report that i met my challenge! :D I wanted to finish 15 pages. For me the challenge was to get back to the habit of sketching. I always have tons of ideas and thoughts, but lately i rarely put them on paper. That's what i wanted to change.

Great job everyone! Can't wait to see the last pieces. ;)

This one is a paparazzo page. I'm going to make more of these in the future, so i thought it's also a nice last piece for this month.

Aaaaaaand.... 15+1 is an obvious issue i'm dealing with. So i put it on paper (visualized it) as a begin to eliminate it.

Is it June already?? :D

Monday, May 30, 2011

Kristine Astop - Page 4

Welp, here's my last page for the May challenge! :) A few 10 minutes poses.

This challenge was great for me. I really look forward to completing more - and taking on more. I really had fun working in a vastly different style for the month.

Sadly, however, I might have to take June off as I have a convention that I am preparing for and as May taught me, I can't do too many things at once. ;) It's been a bit of a challenge squeezing in sketch time when I have pieces to get done for that pesky convention. Really-real work takes priority I suppose. ;)

But I will still be around for June. Can't wait to see what you guys get up to. And then I will definitely be back for July! :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Melissa Dow - Pgs 10 & 11

Getting down to the wire, eeeek!

Veronika, I LOVE eye-patch girl, she rocks! :D

Dead City

Femme Fatale

(Yes, I MAY have been playing a certain newly released video game a lot lately...;))

Let's take it strong to the last guys, wooooo!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

12-14 Veronika Marosy

It's almost count-down time guys! The blog looks amazing with all the sketches. I just love browsing through it :D

A girl i saw with an eye-patch. Well, she didn't exactly look like this, but i couldn't get a better look at her as she was crossing the street very fast. So i just let my imagination run around a girl with an eye-patch.

I spotted this nice old lady nearby a bus stop.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kristine Astop - Page 2 and 3

Here are my second and third pages. Finally. I've been a bit pressed for time with an upcoming convention I am preparing for so I wasn't able to put as much time in as I would have liked. I'm hoping I can do more once this convention is finished in June. :)

Page 2 is a series of 5 and 10 minute poses. The amusing part is that the lady with the umbrella was an absolutely random image. Kind of funny given my usual subject matter.

Page 3 is a gesture study with 30 and 60 second poses. I really love doing quick gestures. You can capture so much movement in just a few seconds. I need to do move of these.

I have one more page to do... :) I know, a lightweight compared to the rest of you fine folks. ;)

Melissa Dow - Pgs 7, 8 & 9

Oh cripes, I have 6 more to do in a week.....*chanting* I can do it...I can do it....


Best Cookies Ever

Old Bob (Happy 70th Birthday)

Agree with Donna, SO cool to see the variety of sketches this month! I can't wait to hopefully keep adding members, and continuing to see everyone's great work.

June challenge will be happening, fo sho! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Next Live Model Sketch

I have soooooo much to practice with human anatomy. Guess that's why I like animals so much.

To see how it turned out in watercolor, go to Multiple Muse Disorder.

I love all the sketching this month. All the different styles are so great and inspiring. Nice job everyone. So June hmmmmmmm?????

Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 week left!

Just a heads up, about one more week left for the May challenge! I will definitely be hitting my 15; just need to sit down a few times this week and get some good sketch time in. :)

Laura, I LOVE these historical portraits!! Like, love them a lot! I could so see these as a series of finished illustrations...sooo cool!

Everything looks so great guys, huge thanks to all who have been participating. Will definitely be doing a June challenge, so I hope all of you can join in for that as well. :)

- Mel

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lady Chatterley

This little sketch took on a life of it's own...I like to imagine she's wearing tweeds and roaming around her estate, looking for a certain gardener.

Friday, May 20, 2011

More Donna's Desk Doodles

Please take away the black Paper Mate Flare pen. No, wait, don't....yes, do.....no, no, I must have it in my hand when I talk on the phone or listen to webinars. Ok, let's start another one. No, no, yes, let's do.

Listening to the monkey mind of an ink addict. And I love graph paper too!!

9/10/11 Veronika Marosy

First of all i wanted to tell y'all how happy i was to see such a great collection of sketches! Being part of it makes me so proud :)
Great work everyone, nice progress on the blog. I'm so excited every time there's a new post.
The may challenge is a huge success! :D A little more than a week left (than i'd like to participate in the june challenge too!) keep up the good work guys!

Ever since my new neighbours moved into the studio next to me, my internet slowed down... significantly...

I've seen a new poster campaign on my route and the little girl has such a fake smile on it.

This one is just fun. The little moments when the sun comes out and i'm not too busy to realize it ;)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It Started with a Sketch

I'm ok at drawing inanimate objects, my own feet and I love animals, but a "real" human model had me a bit nervous. But after getting settled and putting the pencil on the paper.......three hours later, a likeness. I really need to draw more people.

This is a six weeks class and all costumes will be of a new period. Very cool!!

Melissa Dow - Pg 6

Spaghetti Western....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sketch no.2....woo!

Went to the National Portrait Gallery in London today, initially as I won tickets for a behind the scenes tour via Love Art London (www.loveartlondon.com - a quick plug as the founder is a good friend!). Whilst there I had to go to the Tudor Galleries, definitely one of my faves. This portrait of Anne Boleyn, Henry's second wife, shows her just after her ascension to the throne...but ten years later she'd be on the block. Who's smiling now?!

Melissa Dow - Pg 5

Pulling an all-nighter on an illustration, and needed to get my eyes away from it for a bit. So I drew this handsome fella. No secret, I'm a huge reptile lover. On the vast illo project list is doing a series of lizard illustrations; I'll get there eventually. :)

Love the sketches guys; nearly halfway through the month already!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hi Guys!

Phew! Hello everyone, here I am at last - if I were to enter a room full of you all the meeting would already be underway and I would bustle in slightly wind-swept and sweaty. Sorry for being late everyone! I'm going for challenge C just as things are a little hectic right now, but I'm hoping to manage more so it may be a weird hybrid of B + C.

So here's my first, based on the most ay-may-zing fashion photograph by Horst that I shall definitely be developing into something else later on.

Great to see such fabulous and varied work from everyone! Really glad to be here.

Melissa Dow - Pg 4

Looks like Blogger has come back to life!

Great additions, Kristine, Veronkia and Donna! Again, I find it so cool to see everyone's vastly different styles and approaches to sketching.

Working my way towards the 15, slowly but steadily.

(Oh yeah, that thing called 'reference photos'; should probably use them more often...:/)

Jonathan Woodward: Pages 1-3

Finally getting round to posting my first 3 pages (apologies for taking so long guys) - sketched during a visit to the zoo with my little girl last week.

6-8 Veronika Marosy

Sunny day... soon it's also warm enough to go to the beach :D


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Black & White and Red

I'm having a hard time getting going on my ambitious idea, but I have been doodling at work.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3-5 Veronika Marosy

Nothing worse than staying in bed... but my inspiration is not to be taken away!

Another inspirational sight from my bed. Being dillusional ;D

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kristine Astop - Page 1

Well, hello there. I'm so happy that I am able to participate - finally! - in the May Challenge. Now, due to some time constrictions and other on-going projects, I am only doing Option C. I'm a lightweight, I know! ;)

My focus/limitation is also to get out of my usual style and re-explore figure drawing. I used to LOVE figure drawing and I don't do nearly enough of it. When I do my usual pin-up work, I tend to be very regimented and restricted. Very stylized. I've lost some of my looseness and flow. So, this month, for this challenge, I'm going to work on that! I have discovered a FANTASTIC resource called the Gesture Drawing Practice Tool. It gives folks the ability to do figure gestures with various subjects and lengths of time without having to track down a life drawing group. Very handy for someone like me.

I did some 2 and 10 minute "poses" and here's the first result...

Can't wait for more! ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Melissa Dow - Pgs 1 & 2

Thank you for breaking the ice Veronika! I had planned to post much sooner, but I was having some sketchbook dilemmas (mostly, I could not decide which one I wanted to use for the challenge). I have settled on a Moleskin, regular size. While I love the texture and 'feel' of Moleskins, I have yet to really decide if they actually 'groove' with me, so I am giving it a shot.

I had originally thought I was going to try option A, but after some thought, decided it was much wiser to go with B. If I end up doing more than 15 great, if not, at least I won't feel like a total failure. :)

For my sketches this month, I want to get away from my usual quick graphite stuff, and get more experimental with mixed media; specifically COPIC markers, which I have recently re-fell back in love with. I want to really think about laying down color, and lights and darks. Since I illustrate in generally a very colorful, mixed media approach, I realized it would be very beneficial for me to start sketching that way as well.

Anyways, worked up 2 sketches to start. While Zombie Grandma is far better executed in general, I had a lot of fun with the B-Movie Monster one as well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2- Veronika Marosy

Yesterday we were eating the watermelon we bought at the market in Antwerp.
It reminded me of my childhood summers.
I loved eating watermelons on sunny days!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breaking the ice 1 - Veronika Marosy

I'm going for option B) this month. I choose no theme, so I'll just draw anything i come across.
Here is my first one from yesterday. I was watching some gliders do rounds. Didn't glide myself, but i'm hoping to do it soon.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The May Challenge is on!

Good Morning/Day/Middle of Night to all!

The ISS, May Sketch Day Challenge has officially begun!

Feel free to post away, and if you would like to start off your first sketch/post with just a quick note on which challenge you are doing (A,B or C), and if you are setting any special guidelines for yourself, that would be great.

Can't wait to see everyone's sketchy creations!

Have fun!

- Melissa

PS - Laura and Veronika, I am still waiting for you both to accept your author invites, so you can post on the blog. Just a heads up. :)