Thursday, June 2, 2011

The June Challenge is on!

Liz got us kicked off for June, awesome!

For June, we will be doing the same Challenge format as May.

Please pick one of the following:

A) - A Sketch Every Day - 30 sketches for the month of June

B) - A Sketch Ever Other Day - 15 sketches for the month of June

C) - A Sketch Every Week - 4 sketches for the month of June

Remember, you don't have to literally do one every day, every other, etc. It's really just the final number that's important to shoot for (I often do them in waves).

Pick whichever you think is going to fit your schedule best, and if you end up doing more, that's great!

If you'd like to state which Challenge you are doing, and if you are setting any special goals for yourself, that would be great.

I will be doing challenge C this month, because it's going to be a crazy one for me. Also, because I still have 4 sketches to make up for May, I will be doing those first (so, I guess I am doing 9).

The Moleskine didn't totally groove with me last month (mostly too small, and too slick feeling). So I am going to work on a larger 11 x 14 sketchbook, made specifically by COPIC to be used with ink and markers. Really looking forward to working in it. I definitely want to keep working with the COPICS (I am taking my COPIC Certification class near the end of the month), so that will be a good challenge for me.

Can't wait to see what you guys do this month!

- Mel

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