Sunday, May 1, 2011

The May Challenge is on!

Good Morning/Day/Middle of Night to all!

The ISS, May Sketch Day Challenge has officially begun!

Feel free to post away, and if you would like to start off your first sketch/post with just a quick note on which challenge you are doing (A,B or C), and if you are setting any special guidelines for yourself, that would be great.

Can't wait to see everyone's sketchy creations!

Have fun!

- Melissa

PS - Laura and Veronika, I am still waiting for you both to accept your author invites, so you can post on the blog. Just a heads up. :)


  1. I am here and ready :D just about to leave and of course my sketchbook and pens are coming with me. Hihh, very excited to begin ;D

  2. Hello! I'm back and ready to go. Hopefully this month will be slightly less hectic and I will stick to the challenge!