Monday, May 9, 2011

Kristine Astop - Page 1

Well, hello there. I'm so happy that I am able to participate - finally! - in the May Challenge. Now, due to some time constrictions and other on-going projects, I am only doing Option C. I'm a lightweight, I know! ;)

My focus/limitation is also to get out of my usual style and re-explore figure drawing. I used to LOVE figure drawing and I don't do nearly enough of it. When I do my usual pin-up work, I tend to be very regimented and restricted. Very stylized. I've lost some of my looseness and flow. So, this month, for this challenge, I'm going to work on that! I have discovered a FANTASTIC resource called the Gesture Drawing Practice Tool. It gives folks the ability to do figure gestures with various subjects and lengths of time without having to track down a life drawing group. Very handy for someone like me.

I did some 2 and 10 minute "poses" and here's the first result...

Can't wait for more! ;)

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  1. Really nice resource Kristine, thanks!! A great way to practice the old fashioned model drawing.