Thursday, May 5, 2011

Melissa Dow - Pgs 1 & 2

Thank you for breaking the ice Veronika! I had planned to post much sooner, but I was having some sketchbook dilemmas (mostly, I could not decide which one I wanted to use for the challenge). I have settled on a Moleskin, regular size. While I love the texture and 'feel' of Moleskins, I have yet to really decide if they actually 'groove' with me, so I am giving it a shot.

I had originally thought I was going to try option A, but after some thought, decided it was much wiser to go with B. If I end up doing more than 15 great, if not, at least I won't feel like a total failure. :)

For my sketches this month, I want to get away from my usual quick graphite stuff, and get more experimental with mixed media; specifically COPIC markers, which I have recently re-fell back in love with. I want to really think about laying down color, and lights and darks. Since I illustrate in generally a very colorful, mixed media approach, I realized it would be very beneficial for me to start sketching that way as well.

Anyways, worked up 2 sketches to start. While Zombie Grandma is far better executed in general, I had a lot of fun with the B-Movie Monster one as well.

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