Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kristine Astop - Page 2 and 3

Here are my second and third pages. Finally. I've been a bit pressed for time with an upcoming convention I am preparing for so I wasn't able to put as much time in as I would have liked. I'm hoping I can do more once this convention is finished in June. :)

Page 2 is a series of 5 and 10 minute poses. The amusing part is that the lady with the umbrella was an absolutely random image. Kind of funny given my usual subject matter.

Page 3 is a gesture study with 30 and 60 second poses. I really love doing quick gestures. You can capture so much movement in just a few seconds. I need to do move of these.

I have one more page to do... :) I know, a lightweight compared to the rest of you fine folks. ;)

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